Masha and Dora

Masha and the Bear can be a Russian animated tv series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and created by Animaccord Animation Studio (Moscow, Russia), loosely perfectly found on the oral children's folk story the exact same name. The show concentrates on the adventures of your young daughter named Masha along with a fatherly pictured bear have a tendency to keeps her from disasters. The first episode �How They Met� was published about the 7th of January

Many of the episodes have been successful on-line; particularly, "Recipe For Disaster" has got over 1.5 billion views, making it the site's eleventh most viewed video ever. Another episodes with well over 250 million views are: "Laundry Day", with 570 million views; "Bon App�tit", with over 550 million views; "La Dolce Vita", with more than 470 million views; "The Foundling", with over 420 million views; "Two Much", with more than 350 million views; "Hocus-Pocus", with well over 340 million views; "Little Cousin", with more than 330 million views; and "One, Two, Three! Light the Christmas Tree!", with well over 290 million views.

The show includes two full seasons, with 26 episodes each. The 1st three instances of the 3rd season have been launched recently, and also the additional 23 have been in just work at the second, to be removed within the next three years.

 Masha and Dora  


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